Elizabeth & I vist Springfield

Well, I guess this is what Elizabeth and I would look like if we lived in Springfield.

You can create your own avatar on the simpson's movie website here.



I can actually see the real "yous" in these! Amazing! What did the BUZZ taste like? Did you try a donut? No, I'm sure you didn't. Oh, and I miss you both so much. Ford finally had a good month - made a profit. I heard they're paying Mulally 39 million for just one year. I guess he better make a difference, huh? Goodbye California Love!

Aunt Janice

I don't think I'm allowed to see the movie. Don't you know the T.V. show was off limits...what did I know. Maybe Bobby will take me to see it.

Aunt Janice

P.S. I miss you two!

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