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Clickwheel pushing it for the iphone.


Myspace has a space called At first glance it's really not good and not getting really good reviews.

There is Comic Vine which is a good site for reviews It's basically the wikipedia for comics.

Drunk Duck - online webcomic community. Again, not that good.

I will post more soon.


Zuda comics DC comics online version.

There thing is "if" you get selected for the site then you go up and get voted on then you get published if you get the most votes. Not so cool, where we should have it so everyone get to show work regardless.


Here is another interesting tid bit.

There is this site It's okay but all these sites/communities are just missing the mark. They allow a cool tool called comicbook creater where you can put your own comic book together. That may be something we can feature online later.


check the black book section of slick's site (by dez einswell... for flash pages that turn.


This is the one Josh built that we will use for Level.

It's dynamic and will resize to your book.


Here are a couple names I came up with and would like to get some feedback.

Remarkably find my comic is the one I like the best. But I'd like to get your thoughts as well.

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