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dorian said...

Here our the notes from last night's meet.

1. community
2. subscriptions
3. newsfeed (news casters can get the feeds live)
4. rating system
6. blog
7. packaging cam/server space
8. mobile

I am going to look into some of these in more detail and will leave the comments here.
Thu Aug 02, 09:52:00 AM
dorian said...

Video Share from AT&T

They have the resources but no hub for it. All we would need is the feed fed into our site.

Justin TV

His life is live 24/7 and he also wears a cam that feeds to the site. They may be good people to get in to contact with.

They have an archive option but it's crap and you can record. It's also interesting that it's only 3 people.

I will update once I get more. Let me know your thougts.
Thu Aug 02, 10:47:00 AM
dorian said...


Remember these guys from the Meetup party?

They have a good idea. We can use the statistical data for advertisers to target specific markets. That's how we could make money.
Thu Aug 02, 10:52:00 AM
dorian said...










These are .com's accept for broadcastme.

Shoot your ideas.
Thu Aug 02, 12:00:00 PM
dorian said...

Check this-
Thu Aug 02, 12:02:00 PM
dorian said...

Check this
Sat Aug 04, 12:41:00 PM
Michael said... was using this to upload video from the comic con right after it was shot.
Mon Aug 06, 12:10:00 PM
dorian said...

Ya, flip is all the rage. But it still isn't live which is the market we are going after. Flo TV is live, it is basically Vcast which is going to be going over to cingular for a fee later this year. Which is great, all we need to do is figure how to tie the feed into the site.
Mon Aug 06, 05:25:00 PM
dorian said...

Check this-

Cool that you can move the web cam.
Tue Aug 07, 10:24:00 AM
dorian said...

This is that site that feeds concerts live, that Josh was talking about.

It's like the new version of livecast, but it is actually working.
Thu Aug 09, 09:03:00 AM
dorian said...

Looks like AT&T's video share is a one way ticket.

This brings up a good point in regards to recording audio which I don't think we though about.

Give it a read.
Mon Aug 13, 04:15:00 PM
dorian said...

YouTube Mobile

They have a service now that let's you upload vids to youtube on the go. But nothing streaming live.
Mon Aug 13, 04:21:00 PM
dorian said...

Leave it up to Microsoft to steal our thunder.
Mon Aug 13, 05:06:00 PM
dorian said...

Pocketcaster samples


would be cool.

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