Our 3 Story Loft

Well Elizabeth and I reserved our loft yesterday. It was our Anniversary present to our selves. It is a great unit. It is 1262 sp ft, it has 2 full bath rooms an L shaped kitchen, and 21 foot ceilings. The bedroom is on the top floor that has a large window that looks onto the atrium. You can check out some of the pre-drywall pictures here. They are scheduled for completion first quarter of 2008, which most likely means April. Here is the floor plan, click here.



It looks wonderful! Congratulations on such a big decision! Can't wait to see you in it - I'll have to carefully time a trip out.

Much Love,

Jeremy Berg

Nice! I dig the building. Looks like it's going to have a great vibe. Plus the two story space, and corner unit, is a great choice. Also, it's nice that they are cleaning up the area. Just think, in about 12 years they will get rid of all the bums and trannies in the area (just kidding). I can't wait for the first house party...I'm going to get trashed and blow chunks all over the joint (just kidding again). In all honesty, I dig the place. Congrats and good luck.

Jim Drysdale

Looks awesome.

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