Lord of the Rings: Conquest - Finally revealed!

Well...just about everyone I know has been asking what "Secret project" I've been working on at Pandemic and because of NDA's my lips were sealed. Well that has all come to an end. Pandemic revealed our project last Thursday to the world and it is an open world game under the LOTR license called Lord of the Rings: Conquest. You can read all the details about it here in the interview with our game director. Or just Google it to get an more in depth scope of things. I will be posting more as more is revealed.


Dan Boujoulian

THAT IS SWEET!!!! Congrats!

(Do ya miss the car commercials of Detroit?? )


Luan Ling

Wow nice! Dorian!
It's always not easy for game industry! Good job!
Here is my site that I've been worked on in AKQA, it's also a game site.

Glad to see that you are doing good.

Hope you will like it.

bill bogue

Looks very cool. I might have to check that out since I'm already a huge WoW fan.

Arthur Pendragon

Good stuff D! I'm just about ready to make the move to Cali. I just
need to get my stuff online and I'm good to go. Your an inspiration to
us all. Keep it up. gimme a shout sometime.


Matt Simecek

Very Cool indeed!!!!!!!

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