Lord of the Rings: Conquest Demo Available for download

You can now download the playable demo of LOTR: Conquest. Get it on 360 & PS3 today.



Will do!!!!! I'll download it when I get off work. The question is ps3
or 360? Lol


Will do! Just setup new home theater and 106” 1080p projector.. So you are getting into some bad ass evaluation my friend. :)


played the demo last night, its a pretty fun game, i like the fact you
have to use your teammates strengths to win, well not really because
I like to go rambo lol, but I can appreciate that feature. I can see
the potential for ppl to cheese and use that wizard dude, the one who
can heal and stop the arrows, because he's powerful. But then again
thats where the team work falls into play. Thats a potential buy for

Bobby Webber

Thx I'll try to check it out this weekend

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